A comparative analysis of dos and unix operating systems

Most community. Library, complete with GUI Voodoo-X, is based on modules and capable to manage over compression methods and package systems Voodoo-X GUI supports 80 package systemsincluding those widely accepted as standards such as.

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DOS was meant to be an operating system for personal computers and sacrificed security to make it easier to use. In windows, updates will come at inconvenient times such as you are giving a print to the printer but suddenly update pop up will come which makes users frustrate and took more time to install.

Crampp and R H. Threats and Security Linux also, but Both of the operating systems are vulnerable to bugs they are normally but Linux is far more responsive in dealing with the cheaper than threats. Windows is the major target for developers of viruses and malware and it is most vulnerable without anti-virus software.

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ZIP. User everyone. Harish and B. It has its own advantages like bugs in OS will fix at a rapid pace and disadvantages like developers may take advantage of any weakness in OS if they found.

difference between unix ,linux and windows operating system
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Difference Between DOS and UNIX