A look at the middle east country of iran

Since then, Israel's operations against Hezbollah have been primarily concentrated in Syria - until Sunday.


The Food Ah, last but not least — the food! In the s, it was thought that once you got rid of Mossadegh and later Gamal Abdel Nasser then everything would be fine.

In a hurry to assert his position at home and in the Arab world, he embarked on a foolish adventure by launching the attack on Yemen. The most common form of Persian is Farsi, which is the sole official language of Iran and is spoken by the vast majority of the population there.

Iran culture

Click to share on Pocket Opens in new window by Shireen T. The development of Chabahar port and its associated infrastructure is beneficial for India in two main ways. Therefore, even in the aftermath of a war with Iran, the Palestinian issue would remain as intractable as it is today. However, Hezbollah is only able to do so because of the ongoing and unresolved Palestinian problem. When the most recent manifestation of the Qatar crisis occurred in mid, India was under pressure to take sides. Saudi Arabia, Iran and Qatar have all been vital suppliers of hydrocarbons. The massive Tigris and Euphrates rivers begin in the mountains of eastern Turkey, flowing through Syria and Iraq out into the Persian Gulf. There are also several unrecognized or partially recognized states within the Middle East.

Despite the historical rise and prominence of Islam in the Middle East, the many belief systems which originated in the region allow it to maintain a highly diverse religious makeup today.

Washington struck a tough public posture with its recent troop deployment, but the move was neither consequential nor terribly unusual. While I was originally frustrated, it ended up being a good thing — I was able to stress less and fully enjoy my time in Iran.

The Ottoman Empire was dismantled during the course of World War I, resulting in a vacuum of power in the Middle East in which the British and French occupied further stretches of territory up until the end of World War II, where after a series of conflicts both European powers began to retreat from the region.

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Over the next 14 days, I will be launching daily videos as they happened over the past 2 weeks of my life in this beautiful country.

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Middle East drone attacks: Is Israel banking on Iranian response?