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Educational camps[ edit ] Young girls learning how to make a bed at a "vacation school" in the late s, what in modern terminology would probably be a summer camp.

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In addition, there are a lot of church organized camps including many denominations. October Learn how and when to remove this template message Summer camps can be found that offer intensive instruction in almost any sport imaginable, or that offer quality instruction and competition in a wide range of sports. This section does not cite any sources. In the United States, overnight sports camps fall into two groups. In recent years, programs have started that are open to kids from different background and different regions. Typically, students entering grades 10 through 12 stay in the college dormitories and attend summer classes run by college faculty. Many of these summer programs are hosted by high schools. Starbase Kelly, sponsored by the red Airlift Wing of the U. Children 5 — 15 years old can join summer camps and have the opportunity to interact with peers. Overall camp supervision is typically done by older camp directors, who lead a team that includes cooks, sports instructors, a nurse, maintenance personnel and counselors. Many offer elective classes in a range of creative and performing arts activities including visual arts, music, theater, speech, debate, dance, circus arts, rock and roll, magic and other specialties. Israel[ edit ] Israeli campers from Kibbutz Yagur in the s. This allows the Cadets who are aged 12—18 years and therefore the majority attend school to attend the camps whilst still completing normal schooling. The majority of summer camps in Israel are day camps. The best sports camps do much more than just improve a camper's soccer, tennis, lacrosse, or wrestling skills; they help each child become a more skillful athlete, a more gracious competitor, a more committed team player, and a more confident person.

At some camps, all campers stay overnight in cabins and eat all their meals in a cafeteria. Even though there is almost no possibility to use electrical devices and no facilities such as hot water, the popularity of those camps is still increasing.

In recent years, programs have started that are open to kids from different background and different regions.

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These camps tend to have selective application processes involving problem solving or an essay about the applicant's interest in the subject. Many groups hold holiday day-camps for Primary aged children, and often run week-long adventure camps during the Spring, Autumn and Winter breaks.

Activities in summer camps in India include rock climbing, backpacking, mountain biking, white water rafting, trekking, ropes, and wilderness craft.

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The best sports camps succeed at challenging aspiring athletes both mentally and physically, while also promoting their social and leadership skills. The idea behind summer camps was to ensure that children had experiences of the countryside, experiences that would aid in development into a decent citizen.

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The traditional camps are only open to the selected students within individual school district.

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