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On the other hand, adopting affirmative action would force many employers to replace hard-working employees with those possibly less qualified simply due to their gender or ethnicity.

Kennedy issued Executive order The job was actually posted on ENMU's Web site and stated, in no uncertain terms, that to qualify for the job applicants needed only to have work-study and be African-American.

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Yet after analyzing affirmative action one could determine that it seeks to cure discrimination with more discrimination. What is Affirmative Action? In recent years, many people have called this policy into question. Affirmative action is an attempt to correct unequal distribution of benefits status, income and wealth, power and authorityand burdens associated with ethnic and gender differences.

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Although major strides have been made in recent decades, discrimination is still a major and prevalent issue in society today as it was in the past In Executive Order No. I do understand and do see the positive effects of Affirmative Action, however I feel that it will only be worse in the long run as now affirmative action is deemed as a retaliation to the mistreatment that minorities endured in the past. It is evident that Affirmative action is ineffective with the differences in the number of employed black's compared to whites and their difficulties to get and keep a job, blacks repetition in society has been tarnished due to stereotypes, and blacks face hidden discrimination Many people may argue that affirmative action is no longer needed because African Americans are now on a leveled playing field; however, if women are only worth seventy-seven cents to a dollar, what makes individuals think that blacks, who were once considered three-fifths of a p Affirmative action requires companies to perform an analysis of minority employment, establish goals to create a more demographically representative workforce, and develop plans to recruit and employ minority employees. If all women were to fail, they are accused of sexual discrimination. Example papers and sample papers on the most popular topics. The idea behind these programs was to help minorities gain the representation in the job market that paralleled their percentage of the population Finley 1. Agencies should employ persons with disabilities in a broad range of grade levels and occupational series, and agency policies should not unnecessarily exclude or limit persons with disabilities though job structure, design, architectural, transportation, communication, procedural, or attitudinal barriers; and 4 Affirmative Action Program Plan for the Recruitment and Hiring of Disabled Veterans. Human Resource is an important department that matters. One of the reasons why the student body is full of diversity is because of the Affirmative Action. Federal agencies must ensure that qualified disabled individuals have equal opportunity to be hired, placed, and advanced in Federal jobs.

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