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Kathy Hansen, Sunderland He inspired other Southern African Namibian and Zimbabwean people to continue to struggle to end the evil system of apartheid; he kept his standards even under the oppression of prison life, befriending his jailer, encouraging his comrades, educating, learning, and refining his skills and wisdom.

He enters discussions with scientists, religious leaders and politicians. Congress, served in the Texas Revolutionand died at the age of 49 at the Battle of the Alamo. And it means that millions of us, in the US and the west, who let our leaders get away with murder must either share their guilt, or stand alongside Chomsky and speak out.

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Argument, of course, has been integral to American historiography from the beginning. The Americans were later offered a chance to surrender, but Whittlesey held his ground and fought on against increasingly grim odds.

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He is a symbol of continuity with the spiritual traditions of Tibet, a symbol of political hope for many Tibetans and, for western admirers, a consistent voice of sanity in an age of violence: not bad for a boy who grew up in a world barely touched by modernity. William Lloyd Garrison — Journalist and social reformer, he is best known as the editor of the radical abolitionist newspaper, The Liberator. As a personality, he is funny, optimistic and generous with his time and attention, qualities which ensure that visitors tend to leave his presence more cheerful than when they enter - and which also seem to be communicated to the large audiences that assemble for his public meetings and teachings. Wells Barnett Ida B. He has insisted that the government in exile be run on democratic lines. We have highlighted what we decided was the most interesting choice within each category with a slightly fuller biographical sketch. He later received the Distinguished Service Cross in Suu Kyi formed the NLD. When she said the Falklands must be liberated come what may, they were. He is such a brave and admirable man, whose sense of compassion and forgiveness are defined by his faith. The free-market reduction of state-controlled economics released entrepreneurship and competition across the world. Samuel Adams — One of Founding Fathers of the United States, Adams was a statesman, political philosopher, and leader of the movement that became the American Revolution. While sales of its initial printing were disappointing, The Great Gatsby is considered among the greatest novels of the 20th century.

Ida B. When he speaks in western capitals, he easily fills the biggest stadiums.

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Not since Nelson Mandela's long incarceration has a political prisoner drawn so much and such consistent support from millions the world over. Her father, General Aung San, negotiator of Burma's independence from the British, was assassinated by political rivals inwhen Suu Kyi was only two.

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There's a downside to all this refreshing candour. She is held under house arrest and NLD members are beaten and killed by the junta's thugs. She could seek refuge abroad, where adulation awaits her, but she chooses to stay, even to death. Unbeknownst to his captors, Izac was the son of German-speaking immigrants, and he used his knowledge of the language to collect vital information on German submarine operations. Izac spent the next several days sneaking through hostile territory and living off the land before swimming the Rhine River into the safety of neutral Switzerland. This they found in the English-language Wikipedia, which has more than , pages devoted to individuals from all times and places, plus data extracted from the 15 million books Google has scanned. From the smallest deeds of kindness to the brave soldiers that have given their lives for this country, these hundreds of thousands of men and women come from every race, religion and ethnic group. His commanding officer tried to ground him on September 29, but Luke ignored the command and took off on a daring solo balloon-busting mission near Murvaux, France.
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