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Janie was older than Tea Cake by twelve years. After little more than a year the young woman knows that marriage does not create love.

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She finds a much older farmer named Logan Killicks and insists that Janie marry him. He and Janie flirt in secret for a couple weeks before she runs off and marries him.

To Janie, he is larger than life, wise, and genuinely cares for her.

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She's uh woman[,] and her place is in de home. Tea Cake himself is bitten and eventually succumbs to the disease.

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When Janie learns that he might die, she goes to talk to him. A subtle comparison of the life in Eatonville and the Everglades — inseparable of course from the totally differing feelings of Janie in both places. Unhappy, disillusioned, and lonely, Janie leaves Killicks and runs off with Jody Joe Starks, a glib man who takes her to the all-black community of Eatonville , Florida. From her perspective, those that are helpless do not deserve to be wronged which serves as a reflection of her own situation. Janie had imagined that marriage must involve love. As well she didn't feel no love and affection. Each passing day, Janie became more and more discontent and their marriage soon started to crumble. And to do so, she has to be patient enough to fully recognize her capacities and inner strength. He loved and treated her better than her previous husbands. Thus, the story, which actually spans nearly 40 years of Janie's life, is "framed" by an evening visit between two friends. He grows and sells potatoes as well as chops and delivers wood.

She hopes to provide Janie with the stability she never had; legal marriage to Killicks, Nanny believes, will give Janie opportunities. This concern reveals that her grandmother understands how easily a single woman with no family can be taken advantage of if not careful.

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However, Janie was strong-minded and Logan made little progress on changing Janie. After the all-white jury acquits Janie, she gives Tea Cake a lavish funeral. One day, Joe Starks, a smooth-tongued and ambitious man, ambles down the road in front of the farm. There are various moments in the story where she is confronted by unequal treatment due to who she is versus societal expectations of who she should be. They wonder why she is returning in dirty overalls when she left in bridal satin. Another symbolism was the head rag that Jody forced Janie to wear. By the end of the novel, she has overcome traditional roles and cultivates an image of the "liberated black woman. Hurston viewed her work as distinct from the work of fellow Harlem Renaissance writers whom she described as the "sobbing school of Negrohood," and who portrayed the lives of black people as constantly miserable, downtrodden, and deprived. I will also analyze the various types of symbolism presented in the novel. Janie is thrown into marriage by the age of sixteen and with her head full of childish questions about love[1]. It also meant that she could not survive on her own. The story ends where it started, as Janie finishes recounting her life to Pheoby. When Janie finally removed her head rag, it symbolized the innate realization of women to what she could be capable of.
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