An introduction to the history of the canadian economy

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The West Indies were the market for fish, particularly untilwhen the United States was admitted to the West Indies trade, and untilwhen slavery was abolished; and lumber, coal, fish, and potatoes were sent to the United States.

For example, minerals like nickel, copper, and iron-ore were mined to feed industrial production in Canada and the United States. Lawrence and to increase the market for live lobsters in the United States.

As manufacturing declined, unionization steadily shifted towards white collar work, and of the 30 per cent of Canadians who hold union membership today, the majority work in fields such as teaching, nursing, or government bureaucracy. Innis, An economic history of Canada Toronto,in Mrs.

Though not quite as radioactive, PSTs provincial sales tax and HSTs harmonized sales tax have ruined more than their share of political careers, too.

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John alone had vessels in the timber trade in Data[ edit ] The following table shows the main economic indicators in — The English fur-traders had rum and woollen cloth; the French had a body of men who knew the river routes and how to deal with the Indians.

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Canadian Economic History