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After graduating from West Point, Lee in married Mary Custis, the great-granddaughter of Martha Washington from her first marriage, prior to meeting George Washington.

Hill 's daughter, Lucy Lee Hill, to serve as her godfather.

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Despite his aristocratic connections, Lee lacked the advantages of wealth as a boy. Grant, destroyed half of Grant's army, forced the Federals into a stalemate in front of Petersburg, and permitted the Confederacy to survive into He was able without strain to equate the effort for the Confederacy with the effort for Virginia. While this was strictly true, it missed the subleties of Napoleon's genius. Lee attacked, and Brown and his followers were captured after three minutes of fighting. Lee which commenced at Appomattox and guided the remainder of his life. Lee Jr. Lee arrived as Fort Hamilton 's post engineer. He advocated reconciliation between North and South. Many of Lee's ancestors played important roles in America's history.

Lee spent several months recuperating from the physical and mental strain of the war and then, without income at age 58, became the president of Washington College later Washington and Lee University in LexingtonVirginia.

Among the other influential books in this period were Robert E. We like to make him out as some old general guy who fought for the South in the Civil War.

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Grant had gained the upper hand, decimating much of Richmond, the Confederacy's capital, and Petersburg. However, Lee's place in history rests on his performance as a military leader. He however, chose to stand by his home state and people. Norris claimed that Lee encouraged the whipping, and that when the overseer refused to do it, called in the county constable to do it instead. Henry had been a cavalry leader during the American Revolution , a post-Revolution governor of Virginia, and the author of the famous congressional memorial eulogy to his friend, George Washington. Norris stated that after they had been captured, and forced to return to Arlington, Lee told them that "he would teach us a lesson we would not soon forget. It was natural to rationalize the Confederacy's defeat as the inevitable result of overwhelming odds, and to conclude that Lee, who had held off the North for so long, had to be a great general. A week later, a reluctant and despondent Lee surrendered to Grant at a private home in Appomattox, Virginia. Robert Lee personally was against secession and made it clear on more than one occasions. But Lee's commitment to the Army was superseded by his commitment to Virginia. Lee himself made many errors. Serving under General Winfield Scott, Lee distinguished himself as a brave battle commander and brilliant tactician.

McCaslin, Lee was a gradual emancipationist, denouncing extremist proposals for immediate abolition of slavery. Confederate forces then might swing around the flanks of the demoralized Union soldiers, cut off their retreat and line of supply, and force them to surrender.

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He is a lot more than just that. Praise for Lee knew no bounds in this period.

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