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A hundred and fifty thousand people were deported, a hundred thousand were killed and many times that number perished. The killing of animals to a large extent was also stopped.

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This edict reflects the anxiety the king felt because of conflict between sects and carries his plea for harmony. It is not tied down to typical English conventions and social, cultural and literary background in various countries when it is read and spoken.

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Like its membership, chairmanship, and about the method of its working. Essay - Throughout the years there have been several different dynasties. Related Articles:. Major Rock Edict X: In this edict, Asoka denounces fame and glory and reasserts that the only glory he desires is that his subjects should follow the principles of Dhamma.

They were especially asked to look after the welfare of prisoners.

Ashoka dhamma essay help

He gave up hunting, meat-eating and violence in their all forms and manifestations. He further enlarged and consolidated his empire which spread to the Hindu Kush, Afghanistan in the north-west to Nepal in the north-east and from Kashmir in the north to Mysore and Madras in the south. He was tolerant of other religions and religious sects. One such mission to Ceylon was led by his son Mahindra. In the Arthashastra , the king owed nothing to anyone. Except among the Greeks, there is no land where religious orders of Brahmans and Sarmanas are not to be found, and there is no land anywhere where men do not support one sect or another. In this situation a plea for tolerance was needed. Major Rock Edict VI: It-makes the relationship between the king and his subjects via the Mahamattas more clear and now the Mahamattas are told to make their reports to the king at any time and place. In order to please his mother, Asoka experiences the life of an average citizen by cutting off his hair symbolic so that nobody will recognize the prince and develops a friendly rivalry with one of the local men of the tribe by the name of Virat that Asoka joins. As with changing modes of construction and time new construction material and new technologies are in demand. While different major rock edicts talk about various aspects of the dhamma, the Major Rock Edict XI contains an elaborate explanation of the dhamma, apart from dealing with charity and kinship of humanity.
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