Business planning guide for social enterprises in singapore

SGG: Are there different types of business plans that are written for different scenarios? The materials used would include leaflets, brochures, catalogues, inserts, facsimiles and emails. All these factors mean that for some social enterprises your energy would be better directed to bootstrapping the enterprise off the ground.

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Organisational support There are various organisations that can offer mentoring and other support services to social enterprise founders, including:. Have you done a questionnaire?

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Pitch deck 4. Case in point: A professional prepares the business plan for you, but then your projections change. The guide is available here and here.

On the other hand, if your idea is really complex and innovative, then a plan can help you refine it enough to communicate it effectively.

Send the one-pager. Your first hires will shape the ethos and trajectory of your social enterprise.

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Most people will accept a plan as long as it covers the standard sections well. If delivery of your work is separate from the social outcome then your idea may just be for a company that donates some of its profits to charity.

Co-founders There are many benefits to finding a co-founder.

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