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Brian A. Paid Advertising and Other Paid Options Paid advertising, hiring a publicist or anything else that requires cold hard cash upfront—without a guarantee of return—may not be on the top of your priority list. Whatever works, works. Outline how you will share your work in a way that encourages people who are already interested, to take action. Brand Personality and Culture What is your brand story and personality? Where will you place your emphasis and what strategies will you use to develop visibility and interest for your writing? Start making a list, including their contact info, website and email. Those students who wrote down their goals accomplished significantly more i. So make a list of regular tasks everything from sales tracking and accounting, to editorial calendars and words written per day , and add them to your calendar, Asana , your day planner or whatever system works for you. Repurposing Continuously developing new content can take a lot of effort. Mission Statement Message Clarify your business values and vision.

As a hybrid author she has published 16 books and had as many as four books on the Amazon Top list at the same time. We might wish to be author-artists rather than author-business-professionals. Content Strategy A content strategy is your publishing plan of action for what to create, how to create it, when to create it, and for whom to create it.

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Who Do You Serve Describe your target audience demographics, psychographics , and how you can help meet the needs, wants and desires of that specific group. Use this worksheet however it works for you. If you are a mapper or plotter, you may stop to outline your scenes or your content prior to sitting down to write. However, if you are considering some paid options, ensure you note your strategies here. If you take the time to do initial planning, you increase the likelihood of producing not only a creative but a saleable book as well. When you have taken the time to look at the market and competition for your book, you can work with your initial idea to make it more marketable. Your Ideal Reader Identify and define the group of people whom you wish to reach. Pricing Models What pricing model s are currently being used in your genre or niche? If you also have a website and blog, there may also be production costs for blog posts, email newsletters and other items image or graphic fees, costs for giveaways, apps or software, etc.

What methods will you use to develop partnerships and encourage collaborations with other authors? After looking at several author-focused business plans, I found these topics the most insightful. That benefit can come in the form of solutions, answers, relatable stories, escape, or inspiration.

Does your pricing meet or challenge genre standards? Both pre- and post-publication promotion determine how many copies of your book you might sell.

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Note if either or both of these are concerns you face, and how you will address them going forward. So I put this worksheet together for myself and decided to share in case others might find it helpful as well.

What will you share, how will you create it, when will you share it, and where will you share it, to get the most engagement?

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How will your target audience view your pricing? How do they reach and promote to their audience?

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How to Write A Business Plan for a Chinese Restaurant