Editorial writing activity for preschoolers

Go online, make calls if you can, check your information, double-check it.

editorial writing for kids

Step 2 Research the topic for facts, statistics and anecdotes that back the students' positions. What will the children be writing on? We introduce the clipboards at the beginning of the school year, along with some telephones and calculators in an office dramatic play set-up.

Conclusion: How will you close and wrap up this editorial? Slide the piece of paper inside an envelope to where it can be seen through the front.

editorial writing pdf

One of my favorite multi-sensory writing hacks is with glitter glue. Use your finger to write a letter of the alphabet in the pudding or shaving cream. We love using the Mr. OMG — no. Was the editorial written persuasively? Was this page helpful?

editorial writing activity for preschoolers
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How to Teach Kids to Write Editorials