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Sign up forms can be picked up from the front office from Ms. If your school currently does not have any intramurals or activity clubs, consider one or two activities to start.

Questions to consider: How many and what type of activities to offer? Each school's program should be individualized to reflect the needs and interests of all its students.

What is required? Our aim is to provide opportunities for every individual, regardless of ability, to participate in a sport activity that will develop skill and interest in a friendly, recreation-centered environment.

This club will be 5th and 6th grade, as we currently only offer after-school sports programs for seventh and eighth-graders.

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Once activities have been identified, establish a budget for the program and club to be successful. Consider transportation issues for students to come early or stay after school.

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Engage parents and the community! If you have any questions, please e-mail Ms. When offering intramurals and activity clubs, remember: Discuss with school administration how to incorporate intramural programs and activity clubs at your school. Review current programs and identify gaps of activities. If your school currently does not have any intramurals or activity clubs, consider one or two activities to start. It also creates a sense of belonging to the school environment, and connection with teachers and peers outside the classroom. Students who are medically excused are not eligible to participate in intramural activities. Consider volunteer time and donated goods and spaces. In the United States[ edit ] NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation, formerly known as the National Intramural Recreational Sports Association, a professional organization based in Corvallis, Oregon , provides a network of more than 4, highly trained professionals, students and Associate Members in the recreational sports field throughout the United States, Canada and other countries. It is open to all students. Here are a few examples: A parent with an interest or talent may volunteer to give lessons one day after school each week. In most of the world outside North America, sports scholarships and college sports on the North American model do not exist so the distinction between college and intramural sports has no relevance and is not made.

How will students be recruited and registered to participate? Consider volunteer time and donated goods and spaces. Engage parents and the community!

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For most schools and campuses, intramural sports are used to promote wellness and allow students who do not compete on a national NCAA level an opportunity to be active.

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Intramural Sports Program