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Chapter 3 — Story of post-it notes 3.

The water-soluble ionic monomer portion of these microspheres is comprised of those monomers which are substantially insoluble in oil. Fleming died on March 11, and is buried in St.

Fry was frustrated by the fact that, when he stood and opened his hymnal to sing, the paper bookmarks that he used in his hymnal to mark the songs on the program would slip out of sight or even onto the floor[3.

Here you are…flying. Most notable amongst them are antidepressants [9]. The erections will be lasting for 4 hours [3] after taking the pill. Alkyl acrylate ester monomers which are suitable for the microspheres of the invention include iso-octyl acrylate, 4-methylpentyl acrylate, 2-methylbutyl acrylate, sec-butyl acrylate, and the like. The truly sucessful scentist will no doubt benefit from all modes of discivery. Its effect is more potent on PDE5 than on other known phosphodiesterases. Enzymes are proteins that speed up chemical reactions. He named this protein lysozyme. This enzyme is present in our mucus, saliva, and tears. There can be no shortcuts in this process. The steps and conditions in an experiment are not the only factors that control serendipity in science. Even the concept of using fungal products, such as penicillin, to produce medicine is a relatively new one.

InFahlberg was working with coal tar and its derivatives in Ira Remsen's chemistry laboratory at John Hopkins University. The altered procedure may lead to a failed experiment. X-ray for medical diagnosis and treatment, miracle drug penicillin, Viagra for treatment of erectile dysfunction, Teflon for frying pans, all of these discoveries make our life wonderful.

Zukowska and Matthew D. Fleming found the enzyme after he sneezed—or dropped nasal mucus—on a petri dish full of bacteria.

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When males become aroused, nerves in the penis release nitric oxide. Returning to work, Fry wrote up his idea for a reliable, reusable bookmark, and presented it to his supervisors. Pfizer researchers synthesized the compound in and conducted trials in more than men of different ages, backgrounds and health status, at medical centers worldwide.

Once Schlatter had made this intermediate chemical, he accidentally got some of it on his hand.

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The drug was then patented inapproved for use in erectile dysfunction by the Food and Drug Administration on March 27,becoming the first pill approved to treat erectile dysfunction in the United States.

Every second that I was up there I felt the amazingness of it all.

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Serendipity in Science