Evidence law in the ugandan jurisdiction essay

Court also said that registration can be done at any time at the option of the parties. Consequently it was admissible as an original under s. Court held that evidence of a tape recording was in the circumstances admissible the trial judge having properly warned the jury of the caution with which they should consider the translations.

stamper v griffin 1856

He issued 10 of them and they were honoured by the defendant. Private as opposed to Public Documents A Public Document is one issued officially by a government or one evidencing the act of a government.

This was discussed in the instance of Kafeero V Turyagyenda.

Evidence law in the ugandan jurisdiction essay

Unattested documents are those which are not by law to be witnessed in order to be valid. A desires court to give judgment that he is entitled to a certain landing the possession of B, by reason of facts which he asserts and which B denies to be true. Bu that notwithstanding. Court also said that registration can be done at any time at the option of the parties. The respondent had been licensed to sell tickets for the East African Airways in Zanzibar but he was alleged to have forged a ticket in Tanzania where he had no licence to sell with intent to deceive. Both sections prohibit the adducing of oral evidence in any way to change the terms of a contract or any other disposition of property. The complainant received two statements of histories on which he discovered a figure of debit entries supported by the 14 checks purporting to hold been signed by him. Under the section, secondary evidence may be given: 1 When the original is shown or appears to be in the possession of the person against whom the document is sought to be proved or in the hands of any person who is out of reach or not subject to court process or of any person legally bound to produce it before the court but who after being given notice to produce it does not do so. It is provided for in both sections 91 and 92 of the Evidence Act as outlined above. He issued 10 of them and they were honoured by the defendant. After hearing and before Judgment. Bu that notwithstanding, the rule is still very useful and relied upon by courts. Facts bearing on question of whether act was accidental or intentional. Where the question is as to the existence of any right or custom, the following facts are relevant— any transaction by which the right or custom in question was created, claimed, modified, recognised, asserted or denied, or which was inconsistent with its existence; particular instances in which the right or custom was claimed, recognised or exercised, or in which its exercise was disputed, asserted or departed from.

Towards the terminal of the Nineteenth Century. Five Justices are sufficient to hear most cases, but when hearing appeals from decisions of the Court of Appeal, a full bench of seven justices has to be present.

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The decisions of the Supreme Court form precedents that all lower courts are required to follow. At the trial, one of the issues was whether the tape recording and the transcript translations should have been admitted in evidence. General Rules with Regard to Proof The general rule is that documents must be proved by primary evidence. For example, suppose one raises a plea of Res Judicata? High Court The High Court of Uganda is the third court of record in order of hierarchy and has unlimited original jurisdiction, which means that it can try any case of any value or crime of any magnitude. This is the manner in which expert evidence in matters of this kind ought to be presented to court. However, if the oral evidence does not affect the terms, then such evidence is admissible.

In this case the defendant has a right to begin. Victoria Construction Co. When a witness is declared hostile i You will be allowed to impeach the creditability of that witness; ii You can ask leading questions iii You can ask them questions that touch on their truthfulness and even their past character and previous convictions.

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Presently the country is divided into 26 Chief Magisterial areas administered by Chief Magistrates who have general powers of supervision over all magisterial courts within the area of their jurisdiction. To elicit further facts which are favourable to the cross examining party; 2. It should just be limited to a statement of basic facts that the parties intend to prove or rely on as defence. Field has defined burden of proof as a metaphorical phrase indicating an obligation to prove a fact or facts. See: Gatheru V R Under s. This conversation was recorded in Punjabi and translated to English. The Judiciary is entrusted to administer justice through courts of judicature including the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, the High Court and other courts or tribunals established by Parliament. There are three main types of classification: Attested Documents as opposed to Unattested Documents: To attest a document means to witness the signing or execution of the document. That a writing of itself is not evidence of one thing or the other and therefore is not, unless accompanied by proof of some sort, admissible as evidence. In other words. Another checkbook. When the plaintiff in error met the Immigration Officer.
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