Graduate teaching assistantship essay

Second, it provides you with university-level teaching experience. Prior to teaching, graduate assistants must also participate in a three-week orientation prior to Fall semester and a brief session before Spring semester.

Do not convey the impression that you know something when you really do not. Learn more about how we can help you obtain a graduate assistantship — or any other type of funding — when you explore our Graduate School Admissions Services.

You may have office hours, but the time requirements can be more predictable and less time-consuming than actually managing a class. At some universities, assistants are just that; they grade papers or oversee quiz sessions.

Although other part-time jobs might help you make ends meet, teaching a university course or working in a funded lab means a real contribution to your professional resume.

If you cannot meet the expectations and requirements for the position, inform the interviewers right away so you do not waste their time. The con is that it might not be enough to pay all of your costs. If a potential employer asks you for some references, be prepared to provide professional references.

All rights reserved. Dress appropriately for the interview but it is not necessary to be too formal. It is not a good idea to accept an offer from one unit and sign the contract, and then decline it because another unit has given you a better offer.

application for graduate assistantship sample

Most schools include an application form for assistantships in their general application packet.

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How to Write an Essay for a Graduate Assistantship