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Both graffiti and street art are works of art that are created with the same intent. Different types of aerosol caps are used to get different effects or styles, from Thins, Rustos, to Fatcap.

Tree — Graffiti that is chiseled into a tree bark.

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Works made and installed this way are called paste-ups. An ephemeral instance of colored smoke in the forest, or a precarious rock balance are examples. Traditional graffiti and street art motifs have also increasingly been incorporated into mainstream advertising, with many instances of artists contracted to work as graphic designers for corporations.

Wheat Paste Posters Wheat paste also known as flour paste is a gel or liquid adhesive made from combining wheat flour or starch with water. Usually, it means that low quality work is OK to be painted over with something better. This is crucial for artists installing works in unsanctioned locations, as it lowers the risk of apprehension and arrest.

A serious insult — same as Cap.

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If we tried some Is Graffiti Really Art? As for the cultural theorists and sociologists — it is always a question referring to a cultural context, a question of identity deliberationor the contemplation on complex social structures and semiotic interpretation.

The first part resulted in qualitative data. Burn — To burn can mean either to make a better piece than a rival artist, or to snitch on someone on purpose or accidentally.

Legality Street Art's status as vandalism often eclipses its status as art.

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