How to write a letter of intent for medical school

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Remember, the person to whom you are writing has a hundred other duties and — in a sense — you are asking a favour of them in sending them this letter to review and consider. A medical school letter of intent is a key tool for doing precisely that.

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Remember, do not ramble. Paragraph 1 Start by introducing yourself by full name, as a current applicant to a specific school or program, as well as the date of your interview.

If admitted, I will accept without hesitation. John Lewandowski. Here's a great video that discusses ways to demonstrate that you are a "good fit" for a particular school: Paragraph 3 Optional Provide any updates since your submitting your application and interviewing, or give information on upcoming plans, if applicable.

What is a medical school letter of intent? This blog will help you understand what this document is, what its purpose is, and the fundamentals of writing a medical school letter of intent that is persuasive, specific, and eye-catching.

Do not send a letter that spans multiple pages. Why did you fall in love with that particular medical school? As the letter of intent is meant to declare that this school is your 1 choice, this must be sincere, and the reasoning behind it must be clear, yet concise.

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Letter of Intent Medical School