How to write a pirate adventure story

A cutlass? In short, a rounded person. This is aimed at people writing Pirates of the Caribbean fan fiction, just so you know.

How to write a pirate adventure story

I read all I could about anything that involved sailing tall ships: non-fictioon and fiction. Write a couple of journal entries about the life of being a pirate. Transporting a reader into that imagined place through creating a sense of believability is a wonderfully exciting thing to be able to do. So, if you want a crash-course on pirate info, this blog would be a decent place to start. We would love to hear your stories or see fun pirate pictures! The trick is to cut out all the excessively modern words and phrases. Yes, you need to have a conflict.

And for helping us to bring such inspiring characters to life. Related posts:. Ah, but that is where the magic comes in: the skill of being able to travel through the mind to the world of Imagination where anything is possible.

pirate writings

But they sure have a lot of fun at sea too. I write my pirates with Irish, English, French, Spanish and Dutch accents, and have watched many YouTube videos which explain to me how these accents work. Posted by TS Rhodes at. I hope our pirate themed writing prompts help you create spectacular stories about pirates.

I would love to go on daily treasure hunts and find precious treasure worth millions. And this is really sometimes really hard to find and eliminate these modern words, since they are the ones you say every day.

Yes, you need to have a conflict. But circumstances put her on the high seas, and a culture that allowed the unfair treatment of women forced her to take the law into her own hands and become a pirate.

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The Pirate Empire: How to Write a Pirate Story