How to write a test case in quality center

Enter the Test configuration name Enter other non-mandatory parameters such as 'created by''creation date', 'description' Click 'OK'.

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Step 9: I am going to create all the steps as shown above. Let us discuss each one of these tabs in details in upcoming steps. I used an excel sheet to write the 1 a test case as an example: Let us see how to create the same test case in ALM.

difference between test plan and test lab in alm

In our next Quality Center tutorialwe will learn how to execute test cases and check execution status using this tool. In our article today, we will move on to the further steps.

upload test cases from excel to qc using vbscript

All the properties get displayed in the right-hand side tab. Now, Let us see how to create parameters.

How to upload test cases in alm

Hence we should understand the difference between parameter and test configurations. Step 8: Tip: You can choose to add the same test multiple times in a test case. Please note that the fields marked in 'RED' should be mapped as they are mandatory fields. This is how the added requirement looks. Hence we should create new map name and click 'Next'. The 'parameters' dialog is displayed back to the user With the created variable The value Click 'OK'. It is then saved into ALM so that they can be scheduled, executed, monitored and reported. We can also map multiple requirements against the same test. As you can see from the above screenshot I have created a test set each for each cycle. The first cycle is Smoke test. Step 4: Go to May Release folder and choose the option to create a new test.

Step 10 Upon successful upload, ALM displays the message as shown below.

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Test Plan Module in HP ALM (Quality Center) Tutorial