How ugly but how beautiful

It was upsetting to me.

being ugly quotes

She was mocked for not being attractive enough. New York writer, Kristin Salaky wrote a response to a Dove campaign celebrating "real beauty" — it's worth mentioning that the "real" beauty in question still hit a reasonable metric of attractiveness, kind of like "TV ugly" — and her message that she was ugly and perfectly okay with that, was not warmly received.

Another early inkling of this was when I asked my mother, at the age of ten, if I was pretty. And not just in a sexual way but just generally.

being ugly

At an inner-city Sydney school, I was suddenly surrounded by seemingly Amazonian, teenage girls - tanned, sporty and, of course, naturally confident. Sure, some male actors and celebrities are very good looking. Today, 35 years on, not much has changed.

How ugly but how beautiful
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The ugly, unfair truth about looking beautiful