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Eventually, nearly 80 percent of the city was under some quantity of water.

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To the contrary, this is the least desirable option according to de Goyet, who suggested that construction materials be purchased and homes rebuilt in the affected areas. Stranded survivors dotted the tops of houses citywide. New Orleans with a However, this system was not designed or financed to care for people more than four or five weeks. Fact: Disasters strike the most vulnerable groups hardest, i. It would have nothing to teach us about how to rebuild this time, or how to prevent the disaster next time. The medical team deployed from ARC headquarters in Washington, DC, performed critical-needs assessments and helped define the public health response to the hurricane. The government paid out grants to flooded homeowners according to the so-called fair market value of their houses, rather than the replacement value. Tourism, a low-wage industry whose major employers are headquartered elsewhere, increased its importance as a source of jobs. An incredibly precient report, back in , described the kind of devastation which could engulf New Orleans if it were to be struck by a powerful hurricane. One individual, for instance, returned early to New Orleans but left because, while her house was still standing, nothing else in the neighborhood remained. There is plenty of technology to create levees that withstand even level five hurricanes. The immediacy of the tragedy soon recedes and people return to business as usual. Bush , seemed unaware of just how bad things were in New Orleans and elsewhere: how many people were stranded or missing; how many homes and businesses had been damaged; how much food, water and aid was needed.

After the construction of the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal inthe state closed these waterways causing the town's water table to lower drastically. It lifted affirmative action requirements for contractors.

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Post-Katrina, the Bush administration sought to enact conservative policies that it could not get through Congress under normal circumstances. Will renters be eligible? Unless the poor, displaced residents are allowed to participate in elections, public officials will focus primarily on the concerns of businesses and the affluent. However, the city's levee and flood walls designed and built by the US Army Corps of Engineers breached in over fifty locations. But what about the rest of the city and region? In the aftermath, a tourist asked a police officer for assistance, and got the response, "Go to hell, it's every man for himself. Within the next couple of months, emergency food services closed; within five or six months depending on the case FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency benefits were depleted. Tammany , and Washington parishes had called for voluntary or mandatory evacuations. The National Weather Service correctly predicted the force of the storm, but the top officials in the Bush administration failed to heed the message. Hurricane Katrina was a special case because of its enormity and severity, and its impact was felt by entire communities across the Gulf states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Water seeped through the soil underneath some levees and swept others away altogether. Fact: While there are isolated cases of antisocial behavior, which tend to be highlighted by the media, most people respond positively and generously.

Tens of thousands of people desperate for food, water and shelter broke into the Ernest N. Others sought refuge in hospitals, nursing homes, upstairs in their own homes, or on elevated highways.

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Eight such myths and their factual counterparts were reviewed in a classic report on the public health impact of disasters by Claude de Ville de Goyet entitled, The Role of WHO in Disaster Management: Relief, Rehabilitation, and Reconstruction Geneva, World Health Organization, , and two additional myths and facts were added by Pan American Health Organization. It would have nothing to teach us about how to rebuild this time, or how to prevent the disaster next time. Through their community organizations, religious congregations, labor unions and civic groups, residents should play a central role in determining how and where the money is spent. There they received medical care, food, shelter, clean clothing and advice about their next steps. They talk about the struggle over who should decide. Most of the city's major roads were damaged. Myth 2: Any kind of international assistance is needed immediately.

Currently, means-tested programs in each of these areas require considerable documentation to participate and have substantial waiting lists. Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport was closed before the storm but reported no flooding in airplane movement areas or inside of the building itself.

Other decisions were more opaque, though their effects were just as profound. Most families in poverty and crisis receive the benefits of these programs, but depend on extended families, churches and local communities for supplementary assistance.

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