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Consequently, it is impossible to separate the process of communication as envisaged in new media from technology since it operates in the public sphere by utilizing technology. So the sharpest and clever brains are taking the advantages of this technology to communicate with people.

Effects of technology on communication in modern society

And due to this, there is demand in the market for new skills, what we call communication skills. Consider socializing among people. The first part of the paper discusses the effect of new media technology on employment or unemployment while the second part addresses the increased gender inequality in the use of media. Mobiles and the Internet are literally basic necessities these days. Software is communicating with responses, when you sign in to the website, the website is communicating and directing you. Brynjolfsson and McAfee. There are even newer topics to communicate the next day and we start looking for the next conclusions. Brynjolfsson, E. It also has an impact on the communication techniques and the development of communication has resulted in huge progress from the oldest means of communication to the latest as of today. Salvadori and Balducci, p. To extend the reach and delivery of education to people who wish to learn, particularly in rural areas, radio and broadcast television have been used for years.

Most communication is from trolls to make posts go viral. We need to respond because we like and believe in other person and we care about their message.

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And many times you see they are communicating in order to sell you something. The speed of communication is ok if others are understanding and digesting your inputs. Addictive: Some of the social media sites can prove to be addictive like online gaming; it can be hard to determine if a person is addicted to a particular platform or game but if they are planning on staying online for hours at end, then chances are high that they are indeed addicted.

Although there may be some doubts on the overall magnitude of the effect, there is enough empirical evidence that unemployment is reduced by the increased economic growth.

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The letters, and lengthy face-to-face conversations have gone away, and have been replaced by texting or chatting.

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An Overview of the Overall Impact of Technology on Communication