Indian quality awards

Forwarding final assessment report to applicants Eligibility Criteria Applicant shall be 1. Process Management The process Management Category examines how your organization designs its work systems and how it designs manages and improve its key processes for implementing those work systems to deliver Customer value and achieve organizational success and sustainability.

This was a measure of the maturing of quality related concepts in India.

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Awards will be presented in a glittering ceremony in presence of top ranking personalities from government, professional bodies, industry, and consumer associations. Also examined is your readiness for emergencies.

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The same is true of financial benefits, improved employee moral, reduction in wastage, minimised environmental impact and so on. All organizations are encouraged to publicize their achievements and to share their experiences with others.

ISQA committee evaluates all aspects of the award process including the adequacy of criteria, selection of examiners, screening of scores and feedback reports and short-listing of organizations for review by Awards Panel.

Feed Back Report: At the conclusion of the evaluation process, a written report incorporating the evaluators assessment of organizations performance against the GPA Framework is forwarded.

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Significant achievement for small, medium businesses - Moonlight Engineering, Wendt-India. Overseas Organizations 5.

Indian quality awards

However, if a unit of an organization is selected for the award, it will be permitted to publicize its achievements on the printed and publicity material of that unit only, and not that of entire corporate body. In that case, the finalist organizations are invited to make brief public presentations, highlighting their major initiatives and achievements in that field and reply to any clarifications required by the final independent jury, before the winners are announced. The organisation is assessed on the results with respect to satisfaction of key stakeholders based on their perceptions and the robustness of key processes to assure sustainability of good performance based on the key strategic outcomes. The Excellence Model is based on universally accepted standards and practices prevalent across the world. Site visit issues sent to applicant organization well in advance so that they are prepared for the final stage of assessment. An undertaking to this effect will have to be submitted. Overseas Organizations 5. The award has been named after our Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, recognizing the new thrust he had given to the quality movement in India so that India could move into 21st Century with pride. Awards Cycle 1. Involvement in the Awards programme is an excellent way for an individual and enterprise to gain expertise. The Award is administered by CII.

The quality function was expanding, and with that came new practices concerning continuous improvement. The commendation certificate will consist of a certificate and a plaque, silver salver of 15 cm diameter.

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Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award