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The majority of these are today found in the Monastery of Saint Catherine at Mount Sinai, and they are executed in the encaustic technique pigment suspended in hot waxfollowing the traditions of Roman and earlier painting in Egypt.

Continental Europeans tended to view English law with great disdain, and the feeling was mutual.

Justinian expansion

Justinian's conquests expanded Byzantine to expand the empire all across the Mediterranean. Justin promoted and adopted his talented nephew and proclaimed him coemperor in Justinian also came into direct conflict with the papacy in , further straining relations between the western and eastern territories of his empire. At this moment of doubt Theodora declared that she would rather die than abandon the imperial purple. The group represents some of the only examples of portable panel icons to survive from before the Iconoclastic Controversy — Bolstered by her, Justinian unleashed soldiers under Belisarius and Mundo who massacred, reportedly, 30, people. Aristotle's universe model represents a new concept of monotheistic god. The Visigoths had gone into a civil war with King Agilia for the Visigoth throne. The halo and his position in the piece emphasizes Justinian as the leader of his empire and the church. Justin's campaign expanded the territory to the largest scale of Byzantine empire in history. She leads her to her land.

This essay will point out the extent in which Justinian succeeded Roman Authority. This work comprised the Code the law bookthe Digest legal decisions and commentariesthe Institutes a legal textbookand the Novels, which were the new laws promulgated after the Code. Historians today call this catastrophe the Black Death.

His inner craving caused him to aggressively expand the empire and restore the Byzantine Empire to the prosperity comparable to the original Roman Empire. To achieve the goal, Justinian emperor hired the services of Isidore of Miletus who was a physicist and Anthemius of Tralles, who was a mathematician.

Justinian also occupied portions of Spain held by the Visigoths. The same year the institutes were written, and were intended to serve as a sort of legal textbook for law students. Then in A. He took the scattered religious beliefs and cut them down to a single faith as it was in Rome.

Justinian essay

The conquest of Justinian expanded Byzantium and expanded the Mediterranean empire. In fact, she told Justinian to quell Nika 's rebellion rather than escape. Justin promoted and adopted his talented nephew and proclaimed him coemperor in London: Longman, It was acknowledged immediately and became the ultimate code of conduct of Roman law. Yet, this was achieved at a great price. Most notably, he introduced an improved set of laws and conquered many surrounding nations, nearly restoring the former glory of the Roman Empire. Justinian envisioned the restoration of imperial unity and power that had been impaired during the fifth century, when the empire endured assaults by German tribes that removed most of the west from imperial control. He thus launched one of the most aggressive military programs in medieval history. During this time, he married an old friend of the empress Theodora, Antonia, but after a few years, she passed away Barker 1. The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Justinian. I think the most observable is the appearance of Christ. Document 4. The Black Death started its rage in the year , but it is hard to know exactly where and how it originated Dunn

The campaign then shifted to Sicily and Italy where the Ostrogoths were defeated in a long drawn-out conflict that devastated Italy — As Emperor of the Byzantium Empire in the sixth and seventh century he conquered many parts of Europe restoring the control of the Roman Authority once again if only for a while.

Justinian's rule constitutes a unique era in the history of the post-Roman empire, and its judgment shows ambitious, partially realized transformation, or "empire recovery".

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