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Rangamma instills a sense of patriotism among the women by telling them stories of notable women from Indian history. Myths and symbols depict Gandhi 3. Meanwhile, Moorthy continued his fight against injustice and social inequality and became a staunchest ally of Gandhi.

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The Serpent and the Rope was written after a long silence during which Rao returned to India. Their novels are still esteemed because of the realistic presentation of the past.

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Besides the few brahmins who still oppose the Gandhi movement, the villagers refuse to cooperate with the government, which infuriates the police and leads them to more and more aggressive tactics.

They face police brutality, including assault and rape, when the village is attacked and burned. The village is believed to have protected by a local deity called Kenchamma. In the rural area, workers had a particular working-place which separated members of different castes Rao descended from a Brahman family and he was brought up as a Hindu.

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Written in English, the literary works give the opportunity to become acquainted with the situation during the time in which the author lived, but also with ancient Indian traditions. He married Camille Mouly, who taught French at Montpellier, in The work dramatised the relationships between Indian and Western culture. By portraying the landscape and introducing her acquaintances, the narrator Achakka, an old woman of the village, takes the reader on a walk through the village. This implies that the economical and political British intervention into the Indian daily life heavily disturbs the villagers. Atrocities against women added miseries of the people. The marriage lasted until

Later he depicted the breakdown of their marriage in The Serpent and the Rope. He was the prime mover in the formation of a cultural organisation, Sri Vidya Samiti, devoted to reviving the values of ancient Indian civilisation; this organisation failed shortly after inception.

He does so nonetheless and soon convinces a congregation of confused pariah women to spin cloth and join the movement.

Kanthapura by raja rao essay

The main character of the novel, Moorthy, is a young Brahmin who leaves for the city to study, where he becomes familiar with Gandhian philosophy. The story is seen from the perspective of a small Mysore village in South India. Rao's involvement in the nationalist movement is reflected in his first two books. Long, before India came under the British rule, the village had been the only existing form of a community. Although he is depressed over the violence at the estate, he takes responsibility and goes on a three-day fast and emerges morally elated. All elements of nature have strong power over the village Sethi Rao published his first stories in French and English. He wore home spun khaddar. Rachanna and family were thrown out of the estate because of their role in beating Bade Khane. In the years after the beginning of the British Imperialism, the rural community provided orientation and steadiness in times of economic growth, rapid changes and disorder. Moorthy was invited by Brahmin clerks at Skeffington coffee estate to create an awareness among the coolies of the estate. His father, H. The next week, the villagers repeat their protest, encountering various people from the region who proclaim their oppression under British rule and ask Moorthy to help them.
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