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However, if one simply thinks and does not act, this conclusion does not make any significant difference on his life. Virtually any failure can be turned into a learning experience, which increases your potential for success in the future. Others, however, find the views expressed in this novel to be comforting and optimistic. Optimism is such a condition of mind that makes one believe that the best things will always happen to them; in contrast, pessimism is a tendency to expect the worst. This is a way of life that is beneficial for not only yourself, but also for the people that surround you in your everyday life. Food is becoming more available and efficient in the land that it uses; people are living longer and being able to use their time for luxurious activities instead of slaving away for survival of the individual. Voltaire portrays the religious clergy as men who use their positions to further their own causes. It is thine. He wants to look for alternatives that benefit the company. Religious leaders are the targets of satire throughout Candide. This over-optimism commonly referred to as optimism bias can simply be defined as overestimating the projects benefits and conversely underestimating its cost and duration time It means expecting the best, believing that the best will happen, but at the same time making decisions, following them, acting and making things happen. First, choosing optimisms leads to a comfortable environment. People who are optimistic not only are they positive,encourage motivation, and make horrible conditions into positive situations, but studies have shown they have better health than those who are pessimi

This then makes others around that individual feel the energy, either positive or negative, which will affect their attitudes. For example, there have been a few tests that I did not do as well as I wanted to do on, but I remained tranquil and said that I would do better the next time.

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He wants to look for alternatives that benefit the company. If an individual is either positive or negative, that energy radiates out from that person by their actions.

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Even if a project at work is deemed a failure, think about what you learned during the process. Though a simple question, often times people find it difficult to answer. With optimism and an open mind, we gain access to a whole new way of thinking, and with these new concepts we are further educating ourselves for the better. We tend to get down on ourselves and in turn, we start feeling as if the world is against us. Through experience, thought, and observation, one can arrive at a conclusion that forms the basis of his ideas. An even longer-term study that followed Catholic nuns from early adulthood to old age found that those who wrote positive autobiographies in their early 20s tended to outlive those who wrote more negative accounts of their young lives Yates. They blame themselves for the bad things that happen in their lives and think that one mistake means more will inevitably come. However, a pessimist, due to his invariable conviction that defeat is at least as probable as a victory, gets ready for failure and, consequently, is better prepared for the steady disappointments of life, while an optimist is frustrated since he is caught off guard.

I would rather have my glass be half-full than half-empty. Frequently asked questions about the This I Believe project, educational opportunities and more A common idiom used to illustrate optimism versus pessimism is a glass with water at the halfway point, where the optimist is said to see the glass as half full, but the pessimist sees the glass as half empty.

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Optimism was primed by having the participant make four sentences by using words from a group of words. Always choosing to be that enthusiastic and optimistic person may be hard, but it will lead to a better way of life in the long run.

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Giving people …show more content… This will consequently lead to a more positive life which Diana Yates, Life Sciences Editor for News Bureau Illinois is quoted as writing, A study that followed nearly 5, university students for more than 40 years, for example, found that those who were most pessimistic as students tended to die younger than their peers.

Optimism, the outlook towards the glass half full, gives the inclination towards the positive outlook of events and circumstances and defines the attitude of an individual.

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Dispositional optimism is my choice of behavior for this assignment because it mirrors my personal perspective, motivating me to investigate further on why I engage in this action frequently, and the possible outcomes of this behavior. Gore talks about what we have done to create more carbon emissions, and what to do to reduce them again. Because of their thought processes, optimists have much brighter futures. There are consequences to both perspectives The teacher only sees hope and optimism for his pupils he uses a simile to describe the boys learning from the teacher " Discovery, like birds that steal and flee. If an individual is either positive or negative, that energy radiates out from that person by their actions. Frustrated, Candide sails off to France with a specially chosen companion, an unrepentantly pessimistic scholar named Martin. They are grateful and thankful for all their blessings.

Linespg. It is clear that the Jews were wrong to deny reality during the Holocaust because it prevented a possible means of escape for them, concealed evil with optimism, and hindered their decision-making proce

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