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This norm then dictates what every company should aim for, in the least, to prevent becoming the target of pressure groups and boycotts due to a lack of environmental conscientiousness. Yum Brands Inc should be very careful not to lose the connection to the target market's interests and priorities.

It is of value for Yum Brands to fulfill all the necessary legal obligations, while still making and maintain profit records. Seasonal Quality issues across the franchise network. As implied in the introduction of this paper, the markets of nowadays manifest a cutthroat rivalry with the individual competitors, recognized brands or otherwise.

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Due to global recession, unemployment has risen around the world, which has made consumer more cautious during spending disposal income if they have any. Hence, if a franchise operates in a particularly economically weak state, hence their products shall cost higher than the other existing products in the market, then these franchises must take on certain adjustments to maintain the economies of scale. It is the No. Businesses are the one that are highly affected by this occurrence. The class distribution among the population is of paramount importance: Yum Brands Inc would be unable to promote a premium product to the general public if the majority of the population was a lower class; rather, they would have to rely on very niche marketing. For instance, higher inflation rates may mean that there is lesser disposal income available for spending; hence the change in spending patterns may cause certain industries to start shrinking. There are multiple instances of innovative products completely redesigning the norm for an entire industry: Uber and Lyft dominate the taxi cab industry; smartphones have left other phones an unviable option for most et cetera. The macro-environment factors can impact the Porter Five Forces that shape strategy and competitive landscape. Respond to social changes - by innovation within healthier lifestyle foods. In regarding the operations of the company, food chains like McDonalds tend to import much of their raw materials into a specific territory if there is a dearth of supply. Certain cultures prefer food that is spicy while others consume food that had subtle spices and lesser pungent tastes. Economic factors that Yum! Environmental Factors Pertaining to the topic mentioned above, consumer has become more knowledgeable due to the accessibility to news through internet.

See diagram below; Traditional Competitors competitive rivalry McDonalds traditional competitors include many of the other fast food outlets across the country, i. Developments in the international setting have an effect on the more particular factors in the operations in individual organisations.

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This is to attend to the arguments of obesity charged against the products of the company. Due to the benefit social media can offer to an organization, the management has invested efforts in this domain Robinson, A strong management team, unique and exceptional food style, unbeatable recipes, strong financial positioning, multi branding along with global presence are some of the niche strengths of Yum!

Economic factors that Yum! However, as indicated in the arguments and comments in this paper, this could be acquired by setting a certain level of flexibility in the organisation. The new consumer, armed with the interest and the knowledge it carries, prefers to give its business to companies it views as more ethical, particularly about the environment in the wake of global warming.

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