Racial harmony week essay

From borrowing the ethnic costumes from my friend to exposing myself to different types of ethnic costumes I do not see much outside. Any subject.

Ideas for racial harmony day

Run by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore Muis , the centre was set up to promote a greater understanding of Islam and Muslims among Singapore's multiracial and multi-religious society. Instead of sitting at the back of the class facing the blackboard, she now stands in front of the class teaching history and social studies to Secondary 1 and 4 students. This will strengthen their ethnic ties in the future. Familiarity will create friendship and acceptance. Singapore is a bustling metropolis. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said last month that Islamophobia is as bad and unacceptable as radical terrorism, adding: "We have to make sure that none of that happens. The policy makes sure that there is a minimum percentage of each race living in every HDB block. Different cultural groups coexist in the land.

They came in hunt of a better hereafter. It tied up with the People's Association to conduct an art project for which students painted images of samsui women - migrant construction workers in the s to s - on wooden planks that were displayed at the school.

Racial harmony week essay

The CCE curriculum, for example, emphasises maintaining good relationships with others, developing communication and interpersonal skills, and acquiring skills of conflict management and resolution.

The IPS also published a survey in which found that 16 per cent of 4, Singapore residents polled felt that racial prejudice had grown over the preceding five years, while There, the division of the party and class is transcended to the racial harmony spirit.

There are many ways in which the Singapore authorities upholds racial and spiritual harmoniousness.

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