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Copyscape Premium also provides the Batch Search feature, a private index for your offline content, team management tools, an API for integrating in your work flow, and case tracking to manage your responses to multiple instances of plagiarism of your online content. What is Copyscape used for?

What is Copyscape? Unlike the free service, Copyscape Premium also allows you to search for copies of offline content by copying and pasting your text into the search box.

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For sites with up to 25, pages, you can use Siteliner , our new website analysis tool. When you log in, click on 'I forgot my password' and enter your username or email address. Copyscape's services are provided "as is" with no warranties whatsoever. Spinning articles works just like writing sentences that have the same meaning but in a different way. Private Index Copysentry What is Copysentry? Copyscape can handle web pages written in all common world alphabets and languages, except those that use ideograms, such as Chinese hanzi, Japanese kanji and Korean hanja. You can upgrade your protection easily by clicking the link in the email, or logging in to your Copysentry account.

If you are using a spam filter or challenge service, ensure that you have added copysentry copyscape. The Copysentry Professional service checks for copies of your pages every day. What is article rewriter? Why have I not received any Copysentry alert emails? What matters is for you to avoid plagiarism and your rewritten article to pass Copyscape requirement.

In this comparison, colored highlighting is used to show blocks of text that match the text on your site. Your Copysentry alerts are sent by email to the address you specify.

What is Copyscape's privacy policy?


Ensure that you have entered a valid email address in the 'User Settings', accessible through the 'My Account' menu in your Copysentry account.

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How to beat Copyscape in a legit way