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This paper will focus on analysis based on figurative languages used either consciously or unconsciously, the passivity of the characters, motivations, role performed in the story, and the agendas used by the various authors.

Literary devices in the yellow wallpaper

That is, her freedom comes when she finally reveals her beliefs and behavior to those around her and stops hiding. The only way the narrator could appear rational to John would be to become satisfied with her situation; therefore, there is no way for her to express concerns or ask for changes. Its "windows are barred for little children," showing again that she is being treated as a child, and also that she is like a prisoner. The literary techniques used in this passage from The Yellow Wallpaper are effectively in accomplishing the goals it sets out to meet. The passage starts with an informal and a conversational tone, it is clear that the persona either sees the audience as non-threatening or is unaware of their presence. She has several short stories published in literary journals. She must write in secret. Some of the most helpful tools to use in literature are literary devices. As the narrator writes in her hidden journal, we start to discover how peculiar she really is when she becomes obsessed with the yellow wallpaper

This system of literary scrutiny interprets meaning as effects from variances between words rather than their indication to the things they represent. That her shoulder "just fits" into the groove on the wall is sometimes interpreted to mean that she has been the one ripping the paper and creeping around the room all along.

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Literary devices are any element, subject, or concept that is present through an entire body of literature. In short, John treats her like a child, calling her diminutive names like "blessed little goose" and "little girl.

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Though the narrator studies and studies the pattern in the wallpaper, it never makes any sense to her. Devices, such as situational irony, symbolism, and setting, are all helpful when reading short stories.

The question is not, Can they reason?

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That is, women who couldn't survive when they tried to resist cultural norms.

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Literary Analysis of "The Yellow Wallpaper"