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Cheating is not an issue. Drawbacks to assessment through drama: In addition to all of the objections teachers may raise about using drama in general see the first issue of the ETNI Ragteachers tell me that assessing in this way takes too much time and it is a less accurate way of evaluating the students.

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During the presentations, students are alert, focused and a little nervous until they've had their turn. However, it seems to me that practicing the new language structures and vocabulary items in context and negotiating the construction of sentences and story lines with other students is a much more effective way of ensuring retention than memorizing lists of words and grammar rules.

Worked cooperatively in some of the skit.


What body system s are compromised in the illness skin, nervous, cardiovascular, etc? This assignment was designed to allow groups to select the disease for the skit, which was then accepted by the instructor on a first-come, first-serve basis. Student presentations The assignment was designed to have students limited to a ten-minute presentation during the lecture period.

Scene writing rubric

Will I infect my daughter? After the brainstorming period, students must present the instructor with the disease selected. The first draft is submitted approximately two weeks after the introduction and brainstorming session, and is reviewed to ensure that all assignment guidelines have been properly addressed. Students must include information about the following questions in the skit, which are presented in a natural and logical fashion. One of my concerns is that some of the words I use as sentence starters or alternate choices for a multiple-choice question may confuse the students. Teacher grading: Prepare enough copies of the rubric for each presenter, and circle the appropriate number of points in each category. Worked cooperatively in some of the skit. None of us has a very good time. How will the symptoms progress if the patient is not treated in a timely manner? Still, they seem to like the challenge of listening for the vocabulary words and they try to out-do each other with entertaining skits.
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