Self concept and self schema

The next time you are studying, you might try relating the material to your own experiences—the self-reference effect suggests that doing so will help you better remember the information. Does the same thing happen with bad things if we have low self-esteem?

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Emotions such as anxiety and embarrassment occur in large part because the self-concept becomes highly accessible, and they serve as a signal to monitor and perhaps change our behavior. For example, imagine a woman whose self-concept contains the social identities of student, girlfriend, daughter, psychology student, and tennis player and who has encountered a wide variety of life experiences.

Kuhn, M. The Reaction of Others If people admire us, flatter us, seek out our company, listen attentively and agree with us we tend to develop a positive self-image. The self-schema is then stored in long-term memorywhich both facilitates and biases the processing of personally relevant information.

Schemas vary according to cultural background [1] and other environmental factors. Sufferers tend to identify themselves with their illness, unconsciously associating the negative traits of the illness itself with themselves.

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Campbell, J. When the chimps woke up and looked in the mirror, they touched the dot on their faces, not the dot on the faces in the mirror. Another person with the " healthy or sickly " schema might consider themselves a very health conscious person.

For example, if you have to give a speech in one of your classes, your self-schema might be that you are shy in situations where you have to speak in public.

Even though self-esteem might fluctuate, there are times when we continue to believe good things about ourselves even when evidence to the contrary exists.

Types of self concept

Theoretically, the concepts of complexity and clarity are independent of each other—a person could have either a more or less complex self-concept that is either well defined and consistent, or ill defined and inconsistent. Current issues and emerging theories in animal cognition. The benefits of self-complexity occur because the various domains of the self help to buffer us against negative events and enjoy the positive events that we experience. Childhood creation[ edit ] Early in life, we are exposed to the idea of the self from our parents and other figures. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 37 10 , — One at a time, each student stood up in front of the others and answered a question that the researcher had written on a card e. Maybe not, perhaps with very low self-esteem, all we believe about ourselves might be bad.
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Schema model of the self