Single chamber muffler sound

Ideal for street machines and muscle cars, chambered mufflers are designed to reduce exhaust noise while providing a throaty performance sound for the street. Once internal combustion takes place, the engine expels exhaust gasses in the form of high pressure pulses.

Thread starter mustangman70; Start date Aug 16 And when it comes down to putting the exaust back on the car im thinking of maybe going with the single's i drove around with flow 40's dumped out the muffler and it was great.

summit racing mufflers vs flowmaster

As the sound waves bounce into one another, they cancel each other out, causing a reduction in exhaust noise. Muffler Structure: Chambered. They use a series of inner chambers that are configured at specific lengths to reflect sound waves against each other.

Click on the slide show link above for examples of different muffler styles and configurations. Magnaflows are always a good choice. I have these mufflers on my car and they sound awesome.

Rated 5 stars based on 69 reviews Singles- mit- Hund. MagnaFlow Performance mufflers are lap-joint welded for solid construction and rugged reliability even in the most extreme conditions, designed to deliver that smooth, deep tone with no sound degradation over time.

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Sound Advice: A Quick Guide to Selecting the Right Muffler