Smart words english essays for intermediate

He cares for his parents, grandparents and other family members. Getting true friend is rare and counted as a big achievement of the life.

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This will help you see how they can tie our thoughts together more cohesively. I do participate in tabloids, dramas, speeches and essay writing competitions. We both are in class 7 and studying well. Yet Usage: Use this when you want to introduce a contrasting idea. With this in mind Usage: Use this when you want your reader to consider a point in the knowledge of something else. I have learnt the real meaning and worth of life from my parents. My father is my true inspiration. Apart from that, I do assist my mother in her daily routine works at home. Most of the parents realize this type of danger however some not and use internet openly. Catalyst — an agent that provokes or triggers change — N 6. We are two brothers and one sister.

It has been an essential part of our life means we can say that without it we face lots of problems in our daily lives. She is very entertaining, jolly and helpful in nature.

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Internet allow us to use any application programmes supporting instant messaging to send quick messages to friends, parents or teachers. Whenever I get absent in the classroom, she helps me in doing all the left home works and class works. It is used for sending e-mails, exchanging news, making payments, tracking locations etc.

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She explains any subjective matter in very easy way during exam time. From the time internet has come in our life, our world has become changed to a great extent in the positive ways however in the negative ways too.

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My family include my sister my parents and grandfather. I like her very much. Luckily, I am loved, cared and most favored upon in my all family. My elder is the good friend of mine. Wwe k daniel bryan entrance comparison essay to write a college essay fc. As everything has its pros and cons means both positive and negative effects, internet also has affected the human lives in both ways. My father is a business man and my mother is a doctor. He is so practical and never mixes the personal and professional life. It is a divine and most precious gift of the life. I met him first time when I was in the fifth grade and now we are in 8th standard in the same section. We can say it is a network of networks. I am extremely thankful to my parents, my school friends and my loving teacher for being kind and helpful to me. I like cooking. That is why my parents are proud of me always.

She is very entertaining in nature and makes me laugh through her interesting jokes and talks in the spare time. Egalitarian — favoring social equality and equal rights — Adj.

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He helps me always whenever I get difficulties in solving my Maths homework.

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smart words english essays for intermediate