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He disagrees; for each of these homes has helped him understand the needs and preferences of a market and customise solutions accordingly. Another store, in Coventry opened in December The store will also showcase items tailored for Indians, such as lunchbox sets to carry multiple-course meals, pans to cook chapatis and other Indian breads.

Most stores follow the layout of having the showroom upstairs with the marketplace and self-service warehouse downstairs. The warehouses will not keep furniture stocked, and so customers will not be able to drop in to purchase and leave with furniture the same day.

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They regularly visit people's homes, observing and taking pictures, and produce a quarterly "Life at Home" report. A new, redesigned Shanghai store opened inreplacing the original outlet. But the company adapts the layout of the store, presentation of the goods, home solutions offered, and prices according to national economic and cultural conditions.

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How IKEA Designs Its Brand Success