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Jing-mei begins to sense the emergence of her true, inner self. Besides the competition with Lindo Jong, what larger cultural forces may be encouraging her to think this way?

Which may be the case for many children. In her struggle with her mother, she is struggling with her own identity.

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Skow, John. Yet in doing so, she is rejecting her heritage and her identity. Both mother and daughter remain acutely aware of these phantom girls. I was Cinderella stepping from her pumpkin carriage with sparkly cartoon music filling the air.

Everything has been predigested for mass consumption.

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She was the stupid one," she decides. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

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She strikes back at her mother with the strongest weapon she can muster — verbally reminding her mother of the central tragedy of her life.

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Short Story Analysis: Two Kinds by Amy Tan