Technical writing appendix format for pictures

The main benefit of using visual content in the appendix is that it will not take the space in the main body. TABLE 3.

how to write an appendix harvard

Tables are made up of rows and columns and the cells usually have numbers in them but may also have words or images. New York: Kluwer Academic,pp.

how to reference an appendix

You will reference them in the main content which will provide an option for those who want to check them for more information. This is because we generally read tables from the top down, and therefore want to see the caption at the top.

appendix sample in project report

In general, however, whenever you integrate any kind of visual, you should adhere to five key rules. Table 1. Caption font is usually slightly smaller than body font and is often italicized.

Appendices example in research paper

Has it distracted you? If you have a very long and complex appendix, it is a good idea to break it down into separate appendices, allowing the reader to find relevant information quickly as the information is covered in the body of the paper. Appendices are always supplementary to the research paper. Piwowar, Heather A. This can become confusing, however, when using sub-sections. You do not need to provide a copy of this in an appendix. Because it contains the extra information, it may not be useful to the entire audience or the time and space may not allow you to include in the main body. Before we go through the steps of making an appendix, it is essential that we understand its meaning.
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The Easiest Way to Write an Appendix