The beneficial and abusive use of power in shakespeares play the tempest

Literary critic Richard Hillman says that, in general, romantic dramas are characterized by their fantasy-like atmosphere with love as the main focus or concern of the play, and they usually exhibit a complete disregard for normal or The Theme of Colonialism in Shakespeare's Tempest words - 11 pages perils of the struggle of exploration.

These all reflect on the discourse of colonialism, with the general idea of exerting power over the other evident throughout. The play seems to put across the idea that submission will gain freedom, whereas rebellion will ensure slavery.

the tempest knowledge and power

By some force of fate, a ship containing his traitors is nearby. However, this discourse does not suit the end of the play, where Caliban is effectively set free.

Corruption in the tempest

This is demonstrated in a number of ways, with Prospero being at the centre of nearly all of them. In essence, both Prospero and Antonio gain power from the exile, but in very different forms. Sometimes, however, motivation is too strong a tool and can manifest into selfish desires. Ostensibly, The Tempest is a play based around Prospero: his power to punish verses his power to forgive. Shakespeare's play portrays the good and the evil sides of the perfect life. In this quote, for the first time in the play Prospero feels compassion for other characters and decides to break the spell he has on them. Two characters in the play remind us of the theme of exile as power: Prospero, and to a lesser extent, Sycorax. He puts her to sleep as he discusses his plans with Ariel, to protect her ears from hearing what he is to do. Three of the main types of power that Shakespeare explores are the power of love, the power of magic and illusion and the power of a master over his slave. This apparent in the play when Caliban is usurped by Prospero.

His contradictory nature makes him hard to pin down, but his mistreatment of Caliban and Ariel, and his campaign against Alonso make him a hard character to sympathise with. A leader must care for the title they have, and act on it. It is widely thought the main character Prospero is a transformation of the famous writer himself, William Shakespeare, as Prospero pursues his studies over his people and also is very fond of his daughter Ariel the airy spirit, who is also enslaved by Prospero, can also be compared and contrasted to Caliban.

In this example, we find the food chain. Far from losing all his power, Prospero prospers from the islands stark nature that allows him to spend all his time studying the art of magic.

This essay will discuss whether Prospero combines his magic with power over the self, and whether Shakespeare actually presents him as an ideal ruler

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The Abuse Of Power In Shakespeare's Play, The Tempest