Transformational learning

For Boyd, transformation is a "fundamental change in one's personality involving [together] the resolution of a personal dilemma and the expansion of consciousness resulting in greater personality integration".

putting transformative learning theory into practice

New York: Association. This can be done with partners, small groups, or through direct interaction between student and instructor. Both teachers and faculty participating in the program were transformed as beliefs were challenged and knowledge was co-constructed throughout the experience.

Transformational learning

By using Mezirow's work, along with Robert Kegan's constructive developmental theoryKligyte found the following themes: a move from non-reflective habitual action to a more conscious practice; a change in perspective to a more sophisticated view of teaching; an increased sense of agency, including the concept that academic practice is an object which can be controlled and shaped, rather than something externally imposed; increased confidence to take risks and experiment; and a more multifaceted idea of what it means to be an academic.

Understanding transformation theory. You can design critical reflection into formal courses by asking participants to respond to questions through blogging and other internal social tools.

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While the learning process is certainly rational on some levels, it is also a profound experience that can be described as a spiritual or emotional transformation as well. Some studies support Mezirow.

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Providing opportunities to relate to others going through the same transformative process — Transformation often happens in community as students bounce ideas off one another and are inspired by the changes friends and acquaintances make. Google Scholar Copyright information. You can do this with a case study, quote, experiment, picture, demonstration, or story that does not fit their expectations. They are motivated when they see that learning will solve real-life situations. Action plans and reflective activities provide the practice and modelling of critical reflection on the profession of education, and provide guidance for the teaching and learning experience. Fostering Intellectual Openness For transformative learning to occur, the instructor must strike a careful balance between support and challenge. Google Scholar Cranton, P. Teaching Strategies The content of your teaching will necessarily make some strategies more suitable than others, but instructors of any field can make intentional use of transformative learning theory. For example, transformative learning is unlikely to occur when you allow students to use discussion to reinforce their existing perspectives or to persuade others of their viewpoint. As a result, learners play an important role in the learning environment and process.
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Transformational Learning