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But anyone who is expecting a CGI show will be disappointed: they're not always good and seem a bit dated in the eyes of the current audience.

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Let's settle this once and for all. Dante's Peak left and Volcano right : When lava movies clash!

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By involving almost an entire city and much of its population rather than Dante's Peak's two-bit town and an almost lone family Volcano ups the cinematic ante - but at the same time it sets a trap for itself that it never quite escapes, relying too heavily on CNN cross-cut exposition to give it scope.

When the lake in MacArthur Park reaches bath-time temperature, seismologist Barnes drops by and begins to fear the worst. This is, make no mistake, an incredibly ludicrous premise for a movie. Then again, Volcano is an incredibly stupid movie.

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I gave it one star because at least the actors in it don't suck. It's been over 20 years and movie-lovers still fight over which of the two volcano blockbusters was better.

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He tells her at a critical moment: "Find my daughter! The blond female scientist Anne Heche , who warns that the first eruption is not the last, predicts where the lava will flow next, and at a crucial point explains to Jones that it will flow downhill, not uphill. Then again, you could also argue that the original Alien is basically Jaws, if the shark was a xenomorph. Rows of grim technicians faced this wall, seated at computer terminals that showed the very same TV news broadcast. It's been over 20 years and movie-lovers still fight over which of the two volcano blockbusters was better. That, and a sequence showing hell-on-earth Hieronymus Bosch paintings being rescued from a gallery prove that LA Story director Jackson has retained his healthy sense of humour. Advertisement Jones is at ground zero when the La Brea Tar Pits erupt and lava flows down the street, melting fire trucks. The effects are ok expect for the ash. His daughter Gaby Hoffmann , who comes along for the ride, gets trapped by a lava flow, is rescued, is taken to a hospital, and has to be rescued from the path of a falling skyscraper that her dad has blown up to redirect the lava flow.
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