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Everything from arts, physical education, science, civics and government, music and foreign languages is named, making them eligible for federal funding under ESSA. Importance of a well-rounded education High-performing countries are not excelling simply because they focus exclusively on core academic subjects; they also expose students to a vibrant, well-rounded education that teaches them how to read and think critically. Such an act together with other proposed reductions will no doubt provide a fillip to local private school recruitment. Today, however, in too many states, earning a high school diploma might not even mean that students are eligible for college—let alone ready to succeed there. It should be a core subject in our schools. The ceiling must be dismantled if the UK is ever to become a more equal society. What has the research shown about well-rounded education? The arts also help children think creatively, and develop language skills in other languages. Department of Labor — to understand the relationship between arts engagement and positive academic and social outcomes in children and young adults of low socioeconomic status SES. This creates students well-versed in critical thinking, dialogue, analysis, and immersive exploration of the ideas that will transform our globe. ESSA also provides new federal funding pots, including a block grant titled Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants SSAEG , designed to help students — particularly those in disadvantaged areas — gain access to a richer curriculum. Similarly, Oxford and Cambridge could restrict themselves to postgraduate teaching and research. Educators have to be the driving force.

Such programmes can take many forms; some choose to pursue independent study in one-on-one sessions alongside faculty members with certain expertise for which the student holds an interest. In my school introduced free violin tuition.

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On top of traditional classroom learning, the students have the choice of over 30 clubs and activities that enable them to discover passions, develop strengths, apply academic knowledge in a practical way, develop self-esteem, and learn to make the choices needed to manage a busy independent schedule.

ESSA calls for multiple measures of accountability, which may include system indicators such as access to advanced coursework, college and career readiness, and student engagement — all of which provide opportunities to broaden the curriculum.

States across the country have taken important steps to reverse this trend, and some are successfully raising standards for students in reading and math by adopting the Common Core State Standards, an effort initiated by governors in Ford Foundation, giving it the freedom and foundation to explore the best way to do just this.

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It is never too early to start getting a well-rounded education. On 12 February, Midlothian council meets to consider axing instrumental music tuition throughout both its primary and secondary schools.

More specifically, Part I of the report focuses on what high schools and their counseling offices are doing to help students make a transition to postsecondary education.

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The limitations of NCLB and the emphasis on accountability made that very difficult. Image courtesy of Cheltenham College The Combined Cadet Force refines student leadership skills, responsibility, self-reliance, teamwork and perseverance. Creative thinking is certainly an important life skill and a positive attitude toward education can help motivate students to aim higher and persevere in their studies, even when they are challenged. In private schools stellar teaching, parental encouragement and a studious atmosphere are the norm. Furthermore, in high-performing countries, more low-income students achieve higher test scores on international assessments. A more well-rounded education is critical for a safe, supportive and enjoyable learning environment. For individuals without this supporting structure, the result can be a ceiling on progress and lower financial reward, even after their entry to an elite profession.

A well-rounded education teaches students for life, not just for the test. A more well-rounded education is critical for a safe, supportive and enjoyable learning environment. For this to occur, students need opportunities to develop not just the knowledge, but the skills, mindset, and moral standards required for a successful career and private life after education.

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