Why alcohol is dangerous essay

Alcohol is the only drug which can cause sudden death to the user in relation to its effects.

Benefits of alcohol essay

Kids see a night of drinking as a great way to have fun and party but do not see the consequences. People drink to be sociable. The experience of trauma. Just behind tobacco, alcohol is the second leading cause of mouth and throat cancer. This may seem obvious. However, there is minimal evidence to support these claims, and none of the benefits of marijuana are taken into consideration when the arguments are made. Heavy alcohol consumption causes bowel and liver cancer. Alcohol drinking age limit should be lowered to the age of 18, because Support Marijuana Legalization Now! Bad influence of the company. Alcohol consumption is a widely accepted practice; various governments have enacted laws legalizing the use of alcohol. It have a numbing effect that starts to play a role in the mind. This was until physicians realized how dangerous alcohol was and writers started to advertise alcohol as a poison. The figures are endless, and they seem to hold on to one denominator: alcohol kills Noack, Some people drink a lot and become addicted to it, the alcohol effects part of the brain which controls all the decision making, the outcome of this is loss of inhibitions.

It causes memory loss, the ablity to judge a situation in a right way. Abuse of this drug Is responsible for death and injury in automobile accidents, physical and emotional disability, loss of productivity amounting to millions of dollars annually, deterioration of academic performance, aggressive and disruptive behavior causing problems with family and friends, and individual financial ruin.

They think that fun and hangover it is the main effects of the alcohol.

how dangerous is alcohol

Often times, young adults or teenages will be affected by drinking weather its from, peer pressure or just trying to feel or look popular,By blending in with the crowed. There are more men alcoholics than women. Each supporting statement takes 1 paragraph and is accompanied by a brief explanation.

Why alcohol is dangerous essay

The effects of the alcohol are usually different. These are some clear facts of the impacts of alcohol consumption, but that is not it. It is very important to remember that alcohol influence not only on you but also on your future children. Everyone can make their own decision on what drinking in moderation is and what drinking responsibly means, but everyone should be informed with the facts. You have a birthday party or maybe your master has organized a party, and you and your co-workers drink a glass of whisky or vine, or vodka. Therefore, California passed a law for legalizing. It also is easily accessible and cheap in comparison to other psychoactive substances. Alcohol can be highly addictive and plaguing the lives of alcohol abusers. Effects of alcoholism essay: Health problems, like heart and liver diseases, brain damage, low immunity, cancer, etc.

If you enjoy it now then what if you had it at an earlier age? College students have taken drinking to a new level in which, for many, is very scary.

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However, the consumption of alcohol when someone is pregnant is extremely dangerous and these dangers are often overlooked or not known. When alcoholics do attempt to quit drinking alcohol, they go through various withdrawal symptoms that complicates the road to sobriety.

In ancient Rome, they said: "Drunkards birth drunks" and there is a peace of truth in this sentence.

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In Georgia it is an illegal drug for anyone under 21 years old.

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The Harmful Effects Of Alcohol