Writing a fan letter sample

You must be sincere, but do not overdo it with flattery.

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I was worried about my footwear. I sent the letter to the BBC, and a few weeks later received a delightful postcard saying he had had just as much fun commentating as I had listening.

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And we all want results. The best worst wax museum 11 Jun It must have been when I sent my fan letter to David Cassidy. Maybe you have this overwhelming need to write to a politician so that you can further some agenda you have.

Examples of fan letters to celebrities

I wish I could meet you in person. Very popular celebrities get thousands of letters, sometimes per day! Do be sure to remind them to write you back soon. Bueno saludos, y saludame a todos porfis. In fact, if you come across as too pushy, or if you select a hot-headed celebrity who gets angry a lot, you might not get the friendship you are looking for. It would mean so much not for me but for the kids its been rough for them this year but i want you to end it out with a bang. From your biggest fan,. I am a big fan of your music. And that you will be looking forward to hearing from them. Of course it is. Are you writing a rock musician?

Hopefully their agent will forward the letter to them at home. But deep inside, beneath all that plastic and silicone, beneath the furs and diamonds and platinum, beneath the haughty glares and rampant egomania, they are just people.

Fan mail letter examples

The details were a bit hazy, although I imagined the ceremony would be on a beach in Hawaii, where he had a house. I swear it will work someday. I suppose they enjoy all of that attention, and of course also the millions of dollars that are delivered to them by dump truck every morning. Share this:. I must also add that it is probably a good idea to not come off as utterly desperate. VERY soon. Which brings me to… 3 Be personal.

Be honest, genuine, and candid. VERY soon. Bonnie Greer I was — and still am — a huge Bette Davis fan.

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10 Tips for Writing a Fan Letter